Passionately Pursuing the Best Talent

We team with startups and high-growth entrepreneurial companies that seek an unfair advantage for recruiting the best software, engineering, and creative talent from top universities. Learn more about our approach for doing so here.

These companies are led by visionary leaders and possess game-changing products and disruptive business models. They embrace exceptional young talent and offer opportunities to work with amazing teams on exciting projects and technologies. Roles where new grads and students can learn from the best, have impact, make a difference, be part of something special, and advance their careers.

The ThinkB1G Network

What Startups are Saying

  • Elias Torres

    "ThinkB1G makes campus recruiting easy. It extended our reach and enabled us to successfully recruit for the first time at one of our top targeted universities."

    Elias Torres

  • Jose Guardado

    "From experience landing three students, I'd unequivocally recommend ThinkB1G to high-growth startups committed to adding amazing talent to their teams from top universities."

    Jose Guardado

  • Cameron Smith

    "We hired one new grad and extended an offer to another. ThinkB1G delivered the campus relationships that allowed Pertino to stand out & compete against significantly more established companies."

    Cameron Smith

  • Vikram Bhan

    “We hired a number of awesome software engineering students from multiple universities. This was greatly helped by ThinkB1G.  They have been a great asset to us and made the campus recruiting experience much easier than before.”

    Vikram Bhan
    Cask Data