Come build the platform for 21st century education

Steve Jobs described education as one of the final frontiers still untouched by modern technology. In school districts today, administrators spend hundreds of hours manually updating student data, students and teachers waste class time trying to access their applications, and application developers struggle to integrate their products with districts’ legacy systems. Clever is building the data platform to make it easy for great software to make its way into the classroom. Just like Stripe has made it simple for developers to build payment processing into their apps, Clever has made it easy for developers to build applications for schools.

Over 60,000 schools in America have begun using Clever to automatically and securely set up their learning applications, meaning that Clever syncs data for eight million students every day. Our newest project is essentially Facebook Connect for education: a single identity to tie together all of a student’s learning applications into a cohesive experience. We’re making that happen with our Instant Login service, which allows students to log in once and immediately get access to all their apps.

We’re looking for great engineers, but more importantly, we’re looking for people who share our passion for improving education. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.

Clever was founded by and for teachers

In 2009, our COO and co-founder Dan Carroll was teaching 8th grade physics in Denver. Dan was eager to use learning applications in the classroom, and set about incorporating them into his lesson plans. Unfortunately, Dan found that setting up apps for his students actually created more work than it saved -- for every app he wanted to use, he’d spend hours manipulating, uploading, and updating CSVs, and then saw additional class time wasted when students had problems logging in. Dan wasn’t alone, either - data integration is a tremendous roadblock for teachers, who overwhelmingly want to use more software in classes but don’t have the tools to do so.

As a teacher, and later as his district’s Director of Technology, Dan approached other school districts looking for a solution, and found that nothing on the market addressed the problem. Clever was born out of that frustration. Dan’s original idea took Clever from the classroom in Denver to a hacker house in Palo Alto, and from there to our office in San Francisco. Today we’re seamlessly integrating software for over 60,000 schools, and nine of the ten biggest school districts in America.

Bringing good vibes

We’re serious about changing schools, and we have the experience to do it. Founded by a former teacher and district tech director, and with a team of educators and edtech veterans, we’re focused on making it easy to use technology in the classroom. We work closely with leading edtech companies and districts large and small to tackle real problems and offer solutions that “just work.”

The engineering culture we’ve built here is collaborative and fun - it’s easy to step away from your desk for a pair programming session or a round of MarioKart. We’re using cutting-edge technologies like Go, Docker, and kubernetes, so there’s always an opportunity to pick up something new.

Finally, we’re all about lifelong learning both inside and outside work, as evidenced by our biweekly Clever Talks: every other Tuesday, a Clever team member leads a talk on a topic of his or her choice. Recently, we’ve learned about exoplanets, personal finance, and how to be a mashup DJ.


Our space

We work in a beautiful, light-filled space in SOMA, near BART and a short walk from the Caltrain station. Our neighborhood is the heart of the tech industry - there are global-scale tech talks and seminars happening within yards of our office seven days a week. We also have all the typical startup perks: free lunch, a nap room, and plenty of space for ping-pong and bughouse chess games. 

Keeping you healthy, happy and full

We offer a comprehensive benefits plan including:

  • medical, dental and vision coverage
  • unlimited paid vacation
  • free breakfast, lunch and snacks 5 days a week
  • monthly Clever team events like cooking classes, improv, Escape from the Mysterious Room, and rock climbing lessons
  • weekly Happy Hour
  • awesome build-your-own workstations with multiple monitors, standing desks and ergonomic mice
  • unlimited credits for learning
  • the chance to work on an important real-world problem with an incredible team of fun, bright coworkers

Come help us change revolutionize education

We are passionate about improving education. Our company is made up of former educators, teachers, and technology professionals working to change the classroom. Come join us.