Real-Time Shopper Insights

Have you ever wondered who eats Spam? Or how about whether or not those new flavors of Red Bull actually get more people to buy Red Bull versus just giving existing Red Bull drinkers more flavors to choose from? Wish you knew why people pay more for Calvin Klein shirts than Ralph Lauren? And has Best Buy really turned into Amazon's showroom?

You're not alone. Those brands & retailers wonder about those questions and thousands more that InfoScout is uniquely positioned to answer. Thanks to more than 1-million users of our Receipt Hog, Shoparoo, ReceiptBin and Out of Milk apps, InfoScout captures more information about American's shopping patterns across all retailers than any other company. We do this by incentivizing app users to snap pictures of their shopping receipts and answer related surveys to understand the 'why behind the buy'. Our use of computer vision, crowdsourcing & big data analytics allow us to extract insights at a scale and depth never before possible for clients like Procter & Gamble, Anheuser Busch, Walmart & Visa.

Learn From the Best

InfoScout was founded by Jared Schrieber and Jon Brelig in a small office in San Francisco. United by a vision of how mobile computing could transform the way brands understand and engage with consumers, InfoScout was born in the fall of 2011.

Our team is a powerhouse of talent not only from the engineering side but across all divisions from sales to marketing to business intelligence. Come work with and learn from some of the brightest minds in the business:

Location, Location, Location

Based in the heart of SOMA a few minutes walk from CalTrain and BART, our office is in the perfect spot for commuting and our employees live all over the Bay Area.

Work, Play, Learn, Grow

Health Benefits, 401k, 3 weeks PTO, weekly catered lunches, free snacks and drinks…’ve heard all of this before. In addition to that we’ve built our benefits around our company culture that strives to learn and grow as a single team towards a shared vision. To support that we have:

Quarterly Hackathons - Want to learn a new tech? Dive into a problem that’s been bothering you that no one’s had time for? Prototype out a new consumer app? No worries, we’ve got a couple days set aside each quarter to make sure you have time to do it with prizes and themes to boot. 

Yearly Company Workation - We believe that companies should feel like a single team striving for a single goal and that’s exceedingly hard to do as you grow. So with that in mind we have set up our annual “Workation” where we take everyone on a company paid trip. Previous destinations include: Jamaica, Puerto Vallarta, and Budapest. We use the time to not only have fun but to meet those co-workers we don’t see every day and learn where the company has been over the last year and where is going next.


Reach Out!

Our vision is to expand the scope and size of our panel of consumers to gain a full 360-degree view of their daily activities and item-level purchases. As our panel grows so does our ability to help marketers understand and engage consumers like never before.

Our engineering hurdles sit at the intersection of technologies ranging from mobile and social media, computer vision and crowdsourcing, to machine learning and big data analytics. We're always looking for a few hackers to help us harness these technologies. Every day we tackle exciting technical challenges leveraging computer vision, crowdsourcing, data analytics, and machine learning.

If you are looking for a fun workplace where teamwork, transparency, and learning are valued, then you ought to know...

We're currently hiring interns for Summer 2018. If you're interested in joining us for an exciting experience and a chance to to make a meaningful impact on our software and company, we'd love to hear from you.