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Current Open Internships & Full-Time Positions

Here's a one-stop look at current open internships and full-time positions for upcoming/recent grads (as of Jan. 26, 2017): link.


Your Roadmap for Landing a Startup Role

We've conducted our workshop at dozens of universities. It's designed to help students learn if a startup is right for you, what they are looking for, and how to best prepare and position yourself for the career opportunities they offer. Below is a copy of our slide deck (left) and a video of the workshop at Penn State's Startup Week (right).



Hiring and Getting Hired

What are the qualities and skill sets that the world's best startups look for in candidates? How can you position yourself to land a role where you can have impact and make a difference?

Thanks to the awesome team at HubSpot, we had the opportunity to share our thoughts on the UX & Growth Podcast. Learn how startups should hire and what students and new grads can do to get hired.


More Advice from ThinkB1G




What's it Like to Start Your Career at a Startup?

Is a startup right for you? Learn more about what they have to offer from these new grads and current students.




Preparing for the Technical Interview

Go into the technical interview prepared and knowing what to expect. These engineering hiring managers share how best to prepare for the technical interview process.






What Students are Saying

  • Audrey Alpizar

    "I've always wanted to be part of a collaborative culture where I could learn from the best. ThinkB1G helped me land an amazing internship at one of the top startups in Boston."

    Audrey Alpizar
    Carnegie Mellon

  • Matt Rheault

    "ThinkB1G was instrumental in helping me find an incredibly exciting role as a Web and Mobile Developer at one of Boston's hottest startups."

    Matt Rheault
    UMass Amherst

  • Eli Hickox

    "ThinkB1G enabled me to obtain an internship with RelateIQ, which was acquired by SalesForce during my time there, giving me the experience of working at a startup as well as a large company.”

    Eli Hickox
    University of Illinois

  • Nick Confrey

    “Through ThinkB1G, I connected directly with the CEO of a great startup in Boston. Thanks to them, I spent an awesome summer internship learning first hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur.”

    Nick Confrey
    University of Chicago